Learning to type better in 30 days

I started this 30 day challenge in order to improve my typing speed. What I didn’t consider was that you first had to actually know how to type properly before being fast.

What do I mean by typing properly? Well using all your fingers and using them for the appropriate keys. Before this experiment, I used around 4 of my fingers most of the time, and I also used them randomly. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty good speed, I could write around 65-70 word per minute, and I didn’t need to look at the keyboard all the time. But I wanted to type properly.

This is how you’re supposed to use & place your fingers. Source: Computerhope.com

source: ComputerHope.com

Each finger is assigned certain keys on the keyboard to ensure that all of them are used.

You should also be able to type without looking at the keyboard.

In all, you want to become a touch typist.

The journey

The first 20 days

I started my 30 day by using the site keybr.com to actually learn how to touch type. I had to first unlearn my improvised typing style, and then learn the proper way to type.

Memorizing the location of each key and the finger I had to use for it was tough. I couldn’t always resist taking a peek at the keyboard, in the beginning.

The most frustrating thing was how slow I had to go until I learned the location of each key. I’d say the hardest part of this practice is abstaining from going with your old style of typing when exercising.

I spent 30 minutes everyday practicing. Thirty minutes may seem a lot for some people - you could practice for less, the most important thing is to do it everyday!

The last 10 days

After I learned how to properly type, I wanted to improve my speed. I stopped using KEYBR then, and started alternating between 10FastFingers.com and TypeRacer.com. In the last days of the challenge, I used TypeRacer exclusively.

This is how my TypeRacer profile looks now:

My TypeRacer profile data

It’s not the 100wpm that I had hoped for, but I think that I’m not that far off. I just have to practice some more.

This challenge has helped my typing a lot, and I’m sure the long-term benefits of learning touch-typing will be tremendous.


Set a time and place for your everyday practice;

Do something that you enjoy while doing the practice;

  1. I listened to music whilst typing, you can drink a tea or catch up with your favorite podcast, just make it enjoyable!

Reward yourself for practicing; (I checked social media after my 30 minutes were up)

Your typing session should involve typing and nothing else! No checking email, the phone or doing something else, just focus on typing for that amount of time;

All the resources I talked about in this article: