The lack of Boolean activities in one's life

In everyday life there are things we do that are either mostly Boolean or not (this statement is mostly Boolean itself!). When performing this sort of activities, a person will know when they succeed and when they are wrong. They will have almost instantaneous feedback.

Examples of Boolean activities include:

Why Boolean activities are important

These are important because of their feedback loops. When you are wrong, you know it and it will humble you, especially when you thought you had it. But when things go your way and you finally get it right, the sense of satisfaction will be great.

From time to time, you will stumble onto the solution and get it right even though you do not really understand why it works. Not to worry I would say, because these things eventually catch up with you. Beginner’s luck only works if you are a beginner.

The opposite of a Boolean activity

On the other end we have everything that has to do with philosophizing.

Of course, venturing into debates or learning more about these subjects is important. But doing this all the time will turn you into a maniac before you can say “in my opinion…”. No one is right or wrong when it comes to philosophizing. That’s why it’s fun!

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have opinions. But when all you do is have opinions and you don’t balance it with some craft that will let you know when you’re wrong, you’ll eventually lose your mind and develop a superiority complex.